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Frequently Asked Questions

We heard a loud noise in the garage and have not been able to open the garage door since we heard the noise. What could possibly be wrong with the door?

One reason for this noise and inability to open the garage door after that noise could be that the torsion springs were broken. If that is the case, the door has collapsed as a result. It is of utmost importance that you call a professional as soon as possible. Please do not attempt to fix the problem yourself, this could be a very dangerous job for a non professional!

My spring broke very close to the end of the spring. Can I just throw away the part that broke off and reuse the rest of the old spring without having any problems?

Under absolutely no circumstance is it okay to do this! If any part of the spring has broken off, the whole spring system will need to be repaired! Never attempt any type of spring repair on your garage doors. As a matter of fact, to insure your safety and that of your loved ones, you should not even use the garage at all until it is repaired. You will need to enlist the help of a licensed professional as soon as possible.

Does My garage door need maintenance?

Your garage door will certainly need routine maintenance to keep is working safely and efficiently. The constant raising and lowering of the doors will cause the parts to wear out rather quickly. For best results, it is best to have your doors checked at least every five years or so. Devices, such as the remote control or door opener will need to be checked much more often. The wiring would also need to be checked from time to time.

How do I know whether my garage door can be repaired with just a service call or if my doors need to be replaced?

If you are not sure what the problem is, it is best to have a professional come out and diagnose the problem. Before you do that, be sure to check the batteries in the remote control or door opener to make sure that dead or weak batteries are not the problem. Once you have done that, and you still seem to be having trouble, have the professional come and take a look at it.

I have a one piece door now. Can I replace it with a sectional door?

Yes, you most certainly can. Our technicians can update your old one piece door by replacing it with a sectional with no problem. Our professionals are knowledgeable enough to make whatever necessary modifications will be required to do this task.

How do I lock my garage door when I am gone away on vacation?

If you have an up-to-date door opener, chances are that it has a vacation switch. This switch allows you to lock the door using this remote controlled device until you come home. Otherwise, you can install manual slide bolt locks. These are available at your garage door dealer. One word of warning, though. Never attempt to open your garage door with the remote-controlled door opener while the slide bolts are in place! You can cause severe damage to your garage doors if you do this, so please try to remember that those bolts are in place when you return!

How long does installation of a new garage door take?

A trained professional can do the job in a few hours. This is the best way to go unless you are a trained professional yourself. Trying to undertake this task yourself can prove to be very trying and frustrating. What can take merely hours for a professional can easily run into days when attempted by untrained hands. Even worse, when you make this attempt and you make a mistake, you may have voided your warranty! This type of job is best placed in the hands of a trained professional.

How do I release the door from the operator so that I can open the garage door by hand?

If you have an up to date garage door and opener, you will see a red release cord on the opener. First, make sure that the garage door is completely closed. This will prevent the door from slamming when it is released. Now, simply pull the red release cord down to the floor to manually open the garage door. If your model is not up to date, it is possible that there is no red release cord. This would depend on the age of your door opener. These older models may need to be released using a handle or a spring loaded clip. You may even have to unbolt the arm from the door and opener in some cases! If you have one of these older models, you may want to update to a newer and easier to operate model that has the red release cord.

How can I tell if the garage door spring is balanced properly?

Unbalanced springs in a garage door can be very dangerous. Here is an easy way to see if your springs are balanced properly. After releasing the door operator, slowly open the door halfway by hand. The door should just drift a bit, but stay pretty much in the same spot. You should be able to feel the tension of the springs as you open it. If you do not feel this tension and the door simply drops as you release it, it is evident that the springs will need to be properly adjusted. Again, do not attempt to do this on your own! There are some very dangerous possible consequences in taking on this type of job when you are not trained to do so. Call a professional to adjust the springs efficiently and safely.

I have two springs on a shaft across the top of the door and one of the springs is broken. How do I know if I should change either springs or only the spring that is broken?

It would be best to have both springs changed at the same time. This is because if one spring is worn out to the point of breaking, the other one may not be too far behind. As both springs are subjected to the same amount of usage, it is almost certain that the unbroken spring's days are numbered. Call one of our professionals to come out and have a look as soon as possible. Again, do not attempt to do this repair yourself unless you are a trained professional yourself! The possible dangers cannot be stressed enough!

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